Eliminating Hazards with Drones:  Is a Great White Lurking at Your Job Site? 


This workshop will cover the following subjects:

  • How drones help workers spot maintenance issues without the need to climb poles or physically access hard-to-reach infrastructure.
  • With the aid of drone technology, the planning and constructing of infrastructure can take into account sensitive ecosystems and habitats.
  • Why climb a ladder or walk across a rooftop if you don’t have to?
  • How drones are used to monitor construction progress, equipment and stockpile material on a jobsite.
  • Are hazardous materials an issue on your jobsite?

Participants will also have an opportunity to fly a drone!



Presented By:

Wendy Jackson-Dowe, President/Chief Drone Officer, SkyPixGroup

A mechanical engineer and FAA certified drone pilot, Ms. Jackson-Dowe has developed Unmanned Aerial System centric STEM curriculum and flown missions for a variety of clients.  Her expertise in STEM program development has been nominated for awards and she is a sought after speaker by major academic institutions, international and community organizations.  She obtained her B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Tennessee State University (TSU) and completed the highly competitive Women Entrepreneurs of Baltimore Business Accelerator Program with special recognition.  Ms. Jackson-Dowe was recently tapped by TSU’s College of Engineering to help lead a team to develop a drone curriculum for the undergraduate program. Over her career she has worked for and lead project teams with Fortune 500 Companies such as: Proctor & Gamble, ExxonMobil, Coca-Cola, Kraft Foods, and Gatorade.        
Ms. Jackson-Dowe launched SkyPixGroup, LLC after receiving her FAA Part 107 drone pilot certification. SkyPixGroup provides drone powered services with customized artificial intelligence models to clients in the utility and construction industries. SkyPixGroup and Frontier Technologies have teamed up to form a unique partnership where drone powered services coupled with Artificial Intelligence and Cyber Security provide a robust package of services that improve efficiencies, minimize safety incident exposure and directly impact the customers bottom line.

Presented By:

Alexander Parris, CEO, Drone Lecture, LLC

Alexander Parris is the CEO and Founder of Drone Lecture LLC. He has 23 years’ service in the United States Army and Army Reserve in the communication field. Mr. Parris is dedicated in training the future of tomorrow in drone technology. The FAA Aerospace Forecast for Fiscal Years 2018-2038 reported there will be tremendous opportunities for growth in employment associate with commercial activities of the UAS.


Presented By: Alex Hendrix, Training Specialist, Aegis Technologies

Alex Hendrix has 10 years of experience in the UAS industry which includes experience in both the military and civilian side. Alex joined the Alabama National Guard in 2013 where he trained to be a UAS Maintainer for the RQ-7Bv2 Shadow TUAS platform and was assigned to the 20th SFG(A) TUAS Platoon. On the civilian side, Alex started working with AeroVironment Inc. in 2015 doing technician work on Raven, Puma, Wasp, and Switchblade platforms in which he would later become a Switchblade Instructor with AeroVironment, training soldiers in both the states and overseas in the Middle East. Alex now works with Aegis Technologies Group as a Training Specialist where he assists in developing SUAS simulator software and scenarios for Raven, Puma, Wasp, and other various platforms.